Where are Blended & Personalized Learning heading?

Many conferences offer a chance to talk about the potential of blended and personalized learning in theory - but fewer manage to home in on what educators are actually doing--or not--on the ground.

Districts and charters across the country are trailblazing, but to what degree of success?

Thought leaders, researchers and policy wonks are generating new ideas, but which ones hold the most promise? 

It’s clear we’re making progress, but each of us is innovating at warp speed with little time to reflect and share with each other.

We need a chance to convene, in person, to synthesize what's working for what students in which circumstances, validate frameworks that are having an impact, and learn from each other’s failures.

This spring, in beautiful Providence RI, the Highlander Institute and the Christensen Institute are hosting just such an event.

The Blended & Personalized Learning Conference will be the first national convening dedicated to authentically exploring what’s working & what isn’t across blended and personalized learning in k-12.  

Day 1

Is an invite only conversation between leaders, practitioners & researchers to design processes for tackling our complex k-12 problems…asking each other the question, "How can tech best extend the power of humans?"

Day 2

Is a sharing out of the best implementation success stories from across the country. District leaders, building leaders, classroom leaders, and student leaders all sharing what’s working for them and how they got to where they are today.